The JM3 group is a web design/consulting firm grown and made from small business entrepreneurs FOR small/medium sized business entrepreneurs. We specialize in rapid development of quality web sites, consulting on social networking, and ongoing support and maintenance of your entire web presence. We understand the needs and budgetary concerns of the small business owner, after all, it is what we are ourselves.


What We Do

  • Consulting: Don’t even know where to start? Is facebook important? Is myspace just for kids? What the hell is a twitter?? No worries, we can sort it all out for you and get you on the right path onto the info super highway
  • Web Design: Have a small business with a smaller budget and HUGE dreams? Of course you do, we have the same big dreams. We can help make yours a reality
  • Blogs: Yes they are as huge as everyone says, and yes you need one, and yes of course we can get you into one in no time flat
  • Logo Design: That ugly microsoft system font you have been using is not a logo, we have designers who just do logos for a living, if you are going to take the time to brand yourself on the internet, you might as well have a bright shiny new logo to slap on it
  • Hosting: Bandwidth, disk space, ftp, domains, mysql, WHAT?? Hey, we made the site for you, let us handle hosting it so you can get back to work
  • Maintenance: A great site is only the beginning, adding content and promoting the site is even more important, The JM3 Group is your own in-house IT department
  • Online Advertising: Spend as much or as little as you want, we will make sure you get the most value for your penny
  • Social Networks: Do you really have time to set up and maintain a myspace page? No. Should you have one though? Yes. Let us handle your social networking presence and open your business and brand up to how the rest of the world now communicates
  • Lots of other stuff, we are web ninjas, and our kung-fu is strong